All the our dosage units can be customized according to customer requirements, below are shown some of the accessories that can be combined with our dosing machines.


  • Pneumatic membrane transfer pump
    for the direct transfer of products to the dosing unit, even directly from the original container.
  • Piston extrusion pumps with pressing plate
    for the transfer of highly viscous products.

Thermostat heating kit

(for Baby-Mix and Compact-Mix dosage units)

the resistance is used to heat and make the resin of a certain viscosity more fluid, in order to speed up the casting times.

Heated tube kit with control unit for resin

used to make the temperature of the resin more constant.

Heating headband with adjustable thermostat

Heating bands for dosing units with direct product transfer, to heat the resin in the original containers.

The bands are available in various sizes.

Stainless steel tanks with stirrer shaft

On request we have stainless steel drums of various sizes to which you can combine an electric or pneumatic mixer (electric variable speed drive) and membrane transfer pump, to always keep in suspension the products used.

For more information, please contact our Technical office.