Resins dosing machine mod. Mastik crankcase version

Dosing unit for semi-solide mastic

Automatic dosing unit for mastic

The MASTIK dosing machine is a versatile and compact machine with 2 transfer pumps from row material tanks, suitable for dosing semi-solide mastic, the drive is pneumatic with a pedal, it has a mechanical adjustment to change the quantity of the mixture delivered.

The possibility of setting the quantity of the mixture:

  1. Gives the certainty that the established weight remains unchanged until a new pre-setting.
  2. It allows to obtain a considerable saving of product avoiding mixture leftover at the end of work.
  3. It provides the operator with a fresh mixture that is easy to use, spread, drain, inject, ecc.

It’s very to easy stop the dosage unit application and it spends a very short time.

The dosage unit, also after some months of work, will be clean and besides it doesn’t need maintenance.

Technical data

Changeable ratio fixed from min. 100 : 3 max. 100 : 100 p.p.
Air supply 4-8 bar
Weight: 30 KG
Dispensing capacity from 7gr. to 130gr.


  • Pneumatic main board.
  • Nr. 2 transfer pumps from row material tanks.
  • Disposable static mixer.


  • Dispensing gun with flexible hoses.
  • Frequency timer.
  • STOP UNIT DEVICE when one of the two components is finished.
  • Resin heater.
  • Stainless steel tanks.
  • Heated hoses.

Application fields

  • Electric / Electronic
  • Marble
Dosatrice resine bicomponenti MiniBaby-mix
Automatic dosing unit for mastic